Discmagic, LLC is a Michigan based company dedicated to suppling the optical disc repair industry with only the best aftermarket, and direct premium replacement supplies for existing disc repair machines that are available on the market today.


In 2004 one of our founders was building a custom video gaming rig at home with the ability to handle the very computer spec intensive game DOOM 3.  Like any good computer tuner and builder, this took multiple sessions with the computer towers' protective sides removed and the internal components being configured for modification...ie; jumpers needed changing, video card power needs priority, ram needs to be matched, etc.  Unfortunately during a tuning session gone very wrong, the computer tower was moved from horizontal to vertical while the game was running.  DISASTER!  This resulted in what came to be known as the "ring of death" in the gaming world, now most associated with the Xbox 360.  In short, while the game disc was running in the computer, and when it was moved from horizontal to vertical, the internal components of the disc drive collided with the spinning disc, leaving a very deep scratch around the entire disc rendering it completely unusable and destroyed.

With having an in-depth backround in Microabrasion, he decided using some hand-held air tools to try and resurface the damaged disc.  After just a few moments he was able to remove the scratch from the disc, but immediately noticed a major flaw with this process; the disc was not flat.  The result was a "valley" around the disc where the scratch was removed.  After some thought and hours of further experimentation (we won't mention how many other disc's were destroyed during this roughly 3 hour marathon of sanding and buffing) he emerged from the garage with a new-looking disc, hoping it would load.  Success!!  The game disc loaded without flaw, and was fully functional!

This led to the idea of repairing damaged DVD's on the side for extra income.  It turns out he was not the first to discover the disc repair process.  After a little research he purchased a brand-name disc repair machine that was for sale from a local library.. As he started repairing a number of damaged disc's, very quickly it became apparent that these "brand name" disc repair machines were lacking in both the quality of available supplies, and performance. Frustrated, he embarked on another "test and tune" marathon......

His backround in Mircoabrasion paid off!  After many hours, with mostly hand made prototype components and supplies, he was able to consistently repair severely scratched disc's in a very short amount of time.  The result was a process that used 1/3 of the supplies previously needed, and far less changing of pads and sanding disc's decreasing the total amount of time needed to actually repair the disc's properly, and make these "brand name" machines truly usable, cost efficient, and productive. He quickly realized that he could provide these valuable products to people and organizations using these disc repair machines.  After a meeting with an old friend to discuss the idea who had a backround in sales and marketing, Discmagic LLC was formed!


Discmagic, LLC is changing the face of the disc repair industry.  Our supplies are the absolute best, and the highest quality supplies found on the market today.  Every day we meet new people, and help them solve their disc repair problems. Most recently Discmagic has expanded and acquired the necessary equipment to provide professional large volume disc repair services to video store chains, library's, corporations, and now the general public. Our new mail-in disc repair service has been an outstanding success for those who are looking to outsource needed disc repairs for large collections, and also for the average gamer or home computer user who has only a single disc that needs to be repaired. 

Discmagic, LLC is also an exclusive factory authorized on-line retailer of ELM-ECO brand disc repair supplies and ELM-ECO disc repair machines, both new and used.

We are a factory authorized and trained service center for repairs on any ELM, RTI and ECO Brand disc repair machine!   WE have an extensive inventory of OEM parts and offer fast turnaround and support!  


We here at Discmagic are always hard at work testing, developing, and tuning new products, but most importantly:  Listening to our customers!  Let us know about your disc repair problems, we are a friendly company and we are here to help.




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